Referring Providers

I am happy to work in consultation with referring therapists, counselors, treatment programs, and physicians. The client's written consent is required to share data among providers. For example, urine toxiclogy results obtained by another provider do not have to be repeated in my practice (assuming the requisite information is obtained) and that information can be sent to me with the patient's written consent. I presently have patients who undergo individual private practice counseling, who attend support groups with other therapists, and who are admitted to outpatient substance abuse treatment programs that do not provide buprenorphine prescription.

I provide medication support within the scope of treating drug addicted individuals. Many such individuals are dually diagnosed or have co-occurring disorders. The scope of my prescription practice for such individuals is determined on a case-by-case basis. Clients with complex psychiatric disorders are best referred to a psychiatrist. I do not prescribe for patients that are not treated for a substance use disorder.

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